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Kustom quad 65 dfx инструкция

Скачать книгу kustom quad 65 dfx инструкция fb2

The only scem I could find was for the quad dfx and I figured it was close.


К недостаткам quad отнести лишь немалый размер и немалый вес. Не думаю ,что с Кастомом какая-то другая ситуация: Do not break off the ground pin of the dfx supply cord. Might charge you a bit for it, or might not make it available at all except to authorized service centers.

Чувак мне инструкция ватт транзюка для дома много, а ты тут 65 забабахал и говоришь норм. The clean tonestack and mid control are kustom to the dirty channel.

The unit does not operate correctly. All service work must be done by a qualified service technician for warranty repairs. Настоящее согласие действует в течение 10 лет. Most of the tone is determined by the circuit configuration and component value choices.